Welcome to Reefer Riot’s Official Website, the home of a fictional character by the name of Reginald Reefer. Reginald Reefer is the protagonist of your trips and experiences on a wide variety of mind altering substances including psychedelics such as Mescaline, Psilocybin, Cannabis in all it’s forms, LSD, DMT and others.

While a major portion of this website is dedicated to Creating Fictional Accounts based on Real Trips where users submit their unique experiences and the writers of this website take the content and turn it into engaging stories featuring Reginald Reefer.

The best stories are included in Reginald’s eBooks entitled “Diaries of a Psycho-naught”. Various titles are in the work currently and as more users submit their particular trips, the mystery behind psychedelics and other mind bending substances will begin to dissipate.

The Idea behind this website is to provide a detailed encounter to create a point of reference to our followers when they trip. We want to make people see that using cannabis and psychedelics responsibly can be a worthwhile experience that will open your mind to new paradigms, assist in your personal evolution and simply…live a little.

The world is quickly changing their tune when it comes to these types of substances and with more people coming out of the dark with their own experiences, we will be able to create a platform where discussing these kinds of life events are welcomed.

Submit your Trips at Trips@ReeferRiot.com

Welcome all Psychonaughts! Let’s explore together!